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Energetic Therapies

Energetic Therapies are specialty services, please call to book an appointment 48hrs in advance. Julie has studied internationally for over 30 years, embracing spiritual practices from around the world to guide her to her many forms of healing modalities. She is a teaching Reiki Master, spiritual guide, divine feminine meditation facilitator, and energetic healing master. She has taught energetic medicine, upper dimensional classes and divine movement experience.Her mission is to empower individuals for higher awareness and consciousness.


(60min) $160

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle form of energetic healing. It has a profound healing on the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Reiki uses the universal life force that is channeled through the practitioner to help release old energy patterns, reduce stress, and find a calming sense of well being and balance.

Massage & Reiki Combo

(60min) $195

Aura Cleansing

(60min) $195

Around out physical body is an energy field, called the Aura. The Aura helps to protect us and connect us to the energy of all things. The Aura field has many layers that can store our life experiences; traumas, obstacles and challenges, which can compress into this field. This can make us feel tired, overwhelmed, stuck and confused. It can affect our overall physical and emotional health, and can make us feel blocked and keep us from moving forward in life.

Clearing the Aura field helps us feel lighter, allowing more clarity and expansiveness.

Chakra Balancing

(60min) $195

Our Chakras are the 7 main centers in and around our physical bodies that are connected to and help regulate the various physical and energetic systems within our body and emotional field. Because these centers store energy, negative life experiences-like stress, trauma, and health issues- affect our chakras leaving them clogged, sluggish and blocked.

In the Chakra Balancing session we uses energy balancing techniques to help clear, cleanse, and balance the chakras to help you feel of the release of emotional and physical debris that can stay in the these canters for years. Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and aligned.

Combo Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing

(90min) $260