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Our waxing specialists are highly trained to provide the most comfortable waxing and quality waxing services including bikini wax and brazilian waxing services.

Enhancers (Can be added to any waxing service)

Numbing Prep

Experience relief during waxing of sensitive areas with a 4% lidocaine numbing treatment. This is applied before waxing and numbing effects start to take place within minutes! The area being treated will not become completely numb from this prep but you will experience less of a stinging sensation during your wax


Ingrown Hair Removal

This service allows your esthetician to help with pesky ingrown hairs! Your service provider will use a blend of extraction techniques and high frequency to kill bacteria in any inflamed pores. You will receive a finishing product on the area to soothe and further aid in the healing process.


Intimate Area Waxing

(All intimate waxing includes finishing application of soothing hydrator)





Body Waxing

(All Body Waxing includes soothing oil application and warm towel to finish)

Full Leg


Half Leg


Full Arms



(includes finishing application of soothing aloe)


Full Back




Facial Waxing

(All Facial Waxing includes finishing application of SPF)


(includes waxing, tweezing for shaping as well as a trim.








Full face